I am a production geek.

Puzzles to be put together, wether development handoff, print mechanical, optimized asset or complex vector art.

I pride myself on the highest level of production follow through.

The final product is what matters most. Anyone can make a snazzy mockup but you need it to stand up in the real world. Print or digital, I spec to perfection.

Digital Production I create meticulous handoffs that makes development smooth and saves developers the typical headache of unrealistic design comps.

Print Production I have extensive experience preparing artwork for traditional print production and will work directly with your printer to ensure a perfect final product.

Photographic Post-Processing I make sure your photographic assets are carefully cleaned, beautifully colored and correctly prepared for the appropriate medium.

Screenprint Prepress I have an extensive background in preparing and creating artwork that translates into screen printed perfection.

Commercial Prepress Campaign collateral efficiently prepared for a broad range of materials, sizes and applications.