Code as a framework & medium for design.

I build sites & layouts within a framework of realistic, responsive, atomic design principles.

Web Design Gets Me Excited!

Beautifully designed & thoughtfully built digital products for you and your users.

I started coding in an effort to better design digital products that would stand up all the way through the live launch. Along the way I have sunk steadily deeper and, though I don't dare call myself a developer, I have come to regard code as another interesting medium which I can both design for and build with.

This site which you find yourself viewing at this very moment represents the crown jewel of my web efforts. Every pixel was developed, designed, copywritten and illustrated by yours truly to represent my aesthetic and ideals. Built in WordPress using UnderStrap and ACF Pro.

Web Design - Common Media Website

Common Media WordPress Site I rebuilt the company site from the ground up, refreshing the content within a beautiful new design and dynamic, manageable back-end.

born-digital Bootstrap Site The sister of Common Media Inc., this site was built as an extension and variation of their brand to showcase their digital repository work.

Brigade WordPress Site As a staff designer I rebuilt the company site, replacing their existing static site with WordPress, custom styled to match internal visual concept.

Mission Control UI I transformed this Quickbooks plug-in, designed to help non-profits manage their budgets, into a concise, visually organized and branded UI dashboard.

Audience Rewards Site & Collateral Redesign of existing web ticketing site and digital marketing materials built around the visual identity rebrand by the design team.

JGS Lifecare Site Design I created an organic design inspired by the Judaic tradition of paper art to stand apart from the sterile websites commonly associated with elder care.