Print Design

Print Design

Print design is my original passion. I have a wide range of experience creating unique designs for any print application, from screen printed apparel to offset. I enjoy creating for the printed medium, nothing can compare to the visual effect of physical ink laid on top of a tactile material. Beyond the creative aspect of print design I have the expertise to make sure that your project makes its way from concept to print, ensuring that no matter how complicated the dieline or specifications you end up with a stunning finished product.

Frontier Bites

Frontier Bites is an all natural granola snack produced in San Francisco that uses only 8 simple ingredients in their recipe. The company was started by two brothers who shared a dream of bringing a natural, simple and healthy snack that could provide energy for people who shared their love of outdoor activity. I created this packaging to help communicate the story behind the brand and create a design that spoke to the core values of the founders and their mission for the product they worked so hard to bring to market.

Packaging Design - Frontier Bites
Packaging Design - Frontier Bites

Taking inspiration from both nature journals and the watercolors of Audobon Society field sketches, I combined a natural hand drawn aesthetic with a boldness that would create a great impact on shelf that would help the product stand out from the sea of similar products in the supermarket granola aisle. I created original digital watercolor illustrations for each set of ingredients using a combination of hand drawing and digital manipulation. The final deliverables included flavor specific bags, single -serve sleeves, single-serve display caddies and specialized CostCo multi-flavor boxes and shippers.

Creative Director:
Kirsten Modestow

Frontier Bites Illustration - Pecan
Frontier Bites Illustration - Cherry
Frontier Bites Illustration - Cinnamon
Frontier Bites Illustration - Almond
Frontier Bites Illustration - Blueberry
Frontier Bites Illustration - Lemon
Frontier Bites Illustration - Macadamia
Frontier Bites Illustration - Pineapple
Frontier Bites Illustration - Coconut

Verité Fair Labor

Verité is an international labor monitoring and auditing organization committed to ensuring fair labor practices and transparency in the global work force. They offer training, assessment and inspection of overseas facilities so that companies can gain a realistic view as to how their employees are being treated.

I was asked to create a short two page overview of their Forced Labor and Human Trafficking Prevention programs using their pre-existing brand style guidelines that would be distributed in their informational packages as well as online.

Print Design - Verité Forced Labor Prevention Document

School’s Out Washington

I designed this Quality & Standards Handbook for School’s Out Washington, an organization that provides services and guidance for organizations to ensure all young people have safe places to learn and grow when not in school. Working with the School’s Out Washington consultants I crafted this 50+ page booklet outline the strategies, philosophy and overview of the SOW program. The design was created using authentic photos of the organization in action and developed to fit within their predetermined brand guidelines.

Creative Director: Kirsten Modestow

Print Design - School's Out Washington Handbook

Svedka Point Of Sale

I designed these Point of Sale display graphics created for two new flavors being debuted by Svedka Vodka. I created these designs as variations on Svedka’s traditional brand illustrations, uniquely catered to each new flavor of vodka produced.

Creative Director: Kirsten Modestow

Print Design - Svedka Point Of Sale - Citron
Print Design - Svedka Point Of Sale - Peach

Svedka Pride Promotion

Promotional bottle concepts for Svedka Vodka for Pride Week. The bottles were printed to celebrate equality and respect for the LGBTI community as part of Svedka’s annual pride celebrations. I was asked to create a unique spin on the international iconic LGBTI rainbow symbol and apply it to the classic Svedka bottle design.

Creative Director: Kirsten Modestow

Packaging Design - Svedka Pride
Packaging Design - Svedka Pride
Packaging Design - Svedka Pride

Sara Jane’s Signage

I created this sign for Sara Jane’s, a thai and international garden restaurant in Hua Hin, Thailand. I was asked to incorporate the owners love of poppies to create a sign that would stand out along the street at night.

Signage for Sara Jane's in Hua Hin, Thailand