Logo Design

Logo Design

Brand identity can never be underestimated. These powerful little micro illustrations encapsulate your entity into a bite-sized fragment to be lodged in the consciousness of fellow humans. I follow a clear process defined be best practices and thoughtful consultation to help you bring yours to life.

Logo Design - El Aleph Press

El Aleph Press was a small independent publisher based in Boulder, CO. The founders took their inspiration from a short story by the literary-minded Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges titled “El Aleph”.

Our concept was a visual representation of the entire universe unfolding and expanding from a central point – represented by the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet . I illustrated this unfolding whole as a sphere opening up from the center and radiating outwards in a spiraling movement and reinforced this concept through the use of oceanic colors.

Logo Design - Lumicore Group

The Lumicore Group is a consortium of charter schools throughout the United States funded by The Gates Foundation and working towards developing a unified approach to improving the effectiveness of charter schools.

The client desired a take on the traditional educational theme of a crest. I developed the crest to hide an unfolding book whose pages radiating pages also reinforced the concept of light implied in the Lumicore name.

Creative Director:
Kirsten Modestow

Logo Design - Mission Control

Mission Control is a Quickbooks dashboard plugin tailored specifically to help non-profits manage their budgets.

Keeping with the space theme I developed a clean, NASA inspired logo showing the horizon of our planet, which these non-profits exist to make better, looking out onto a distant shining star, representing their vision and forward-looking goals to improve humanity for future generations.

Logo Design - Unity Skateboarding

Unity is a skateboarding company based in Western Massachusetts. They asked me to create a simple logo to help promote their brand and generate funding for their community skate park project.

I created this logo using a stencil font, which reinforces the DIY nature of the skate community, embellished with the marks associated with wear and tear on a skateboard deck. To underscore it all I used a contour line reminiscent of the shape of a skateboard deck itself.

Logo Design - Balloon Communications

Balloon Communications is a digital marketing agency based in Greeley, Colorado. They were looking for a simple mark to help promote their service to web companies and app developers.

I used a simple shape reminiscent of an ambiguous mobile device coupled with a word balloon to reinforce both their company name and the idea of communication and promotion.

Logo Design - Meri-Jane's Restaurant

Meri-Jane’s is a small noodle restaurant based in Bangkok, Thailand. They asked me to create a friendly mark that clearly demonstrated their specialty and would simultaneously communicate a modern and friendly atmosphere.

I achieved this by illustrating a stylized representation of their signature dish with bold clean lines with a slightly hand drawn feel.

Logo Design - VFM Consulting

VFM Consulting is a facilities management company based in Thailand that oversees a wide range of properties throughout the greater Bangkok area. I was asked to convey their business as smaller pieces as part of the greater whole that is VFM.