Illustration & Art

Don’t underestimate the power of a striking visual image to grab someone’s attention, help communicate directly to the human spirit and generally make people happy. Wether it be an editorial piece, rock poster, t-shirt design, cartoon mascot or advertising piece, I relish the opportunity to wield my creativity to help you flourish.

Illustration - Twilight Crane

Twilight Crane

A young woman soars above the clouds, the winds of twilight rushing past as she holds the vision of one of natures majestic creatures, the crane, whose inspiration she uses to channel into the makeshift paper craft.

100% vector created in Adobe Illustrator.

Creative Commons License

Illustration - Bubblegum Dragon God

Bubblegum Dragon God

A dark manifestation rises, grinning at the prospect of rotting away your teeth, clutching the enticing sphere of chewy sweetness, the concentrated orb of existence from whence it came, that beckons you forward to consume. Monsters are what got me drawing as a kid and I still love drawing them. To me there is nothing better than conjuring up a fantastical beast from your imagination and unleashing it into the public consciousness.

100% vector created in Adobe Illustrator.

Creative Commons License

Illustration - Dungeon Crawlin'

Dungeon Crawlin’

The intrepid hero, unafraid of the mysterious terrors in the dark, ventures forth into the cavernous labyrinth in search of loot. The idea of a novice striking out in search of treasure and glory, their heroism to be forged in the crucible of battle (and cumulation of XP) is a wonderful allegory for life. It is what I hope to achieve with my graphic work in the near future.

100% vector created in Adobe Illustrator.

Creative Commons License

Illustration - Cosmic Mother's Day

Cosmic Mother’s Day

Three organisms locked in the dark grid of time-space, connected through physicality and the ether of the void, documented and observed through the ever-expanding whole of our linear reality.

This is a Mother’s Day card I created for my one and only. It shows my mother, my sister and myself as fleshy beings floating in the ether of existence. The timeline marks the day of our birth and the spatial relations between the years are all accurate to our individual ages. I want to show how we are all connected and give a representation of the time that had passed since our individual births.

100% vector created in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustration - Ameobic Aura

Ameobic Aura

Her gaze penetrates your mind with psykinetic waves, her potent and stoic demeanor confident in knowing you are no match for her as the power pulses and weaves throughout her mind in a radiant swirl of twisting color. That’s when you know you are hers. More or less my version of Jean Grey as the Dark Pheonix, just a bit more psychedelic and a slightly more magenta hair color.

Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Creative Commons License